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About Old Orchard Liquors in Hagerstown, MD 21740

Old Orchard Liquors Where Sip Happens store took birth in 1992 and in 2014 Mandeep Singh took over the store. To maintain its Legacy, Mandeep decided to expand the store and make it bigger and better to serve the local community. Old Orchard Liquors entered in Top 5 liquor stores in Washington County. Store also have on-air advertisement on several radio stations, with the hold of 4.7 rating on google and highly recommended by the people of Washington County. We made it here only because of our loyal and valued customer, we will not be here without them-Thank you their loyalty and dedication.

Old Orchard Liquors have 22 Cooler windows, walk-in cooler, our warehouse has a capacity of 60,000 cases at a given time. Store has wide aisle to walk easy for customers to shop with the customer friendly rolling shopping baskets and carts. Store offers free membership for discount and benefits. We have separate section for Maryland Lottery and Tip Jar with nice and clean sitting arrangement. In 2021, store sold $50,000 scratch off tickets 3 times.

Focusing on Maryland and Mid-Atlantic as well as National Craft and Domestic, we carry 800 to 1000 Varieties of Beer, Seltzers and Ready to Drink Cocktails. Apart from local made wines, we carry national wine and wines from 20 countries. Of our vast selection of Bourbon and Whiskey, we also have store picked Barrels. We carry high end Single Malt and Blended Scotch up to 40 years old. In keeping with current trends, we have an ever growing Tequilas selection. Old Orchard Liquors has a wide variety of Vodka, Flavored Vodka and Gin to choose from.


Mandeep Singh (Managing Director)

Mandeep Singh belongs to Indian farmer family. After completing his Master’s degree in Accounting from Griffith College Dublin in 2005, he got his first job as a CPA in Dublin, Ireland. After serving six years to the Company, he wasn’t satisfied with what he was doing and wanted to create something rather than being stuck in formula based structure. He moved to USA in 2011 and started his new journey in Retail and decided to learn how retail industry functions. In 2014, he took over Old Orchard Liquors only with 2000 bottles in store and turned it into one of the biggest liquor store in the Washington County.

For him ‘Success is Discipline.’


Sherry Carter (Store Manager)

Sherry Carter started her career as a part timer 25 years ago which turns into backbone of the store, working under three different owners, she transformed herself as a living institution in retail management. In her vast career, she had trained more than 30 people, where some of them became a successful businessmen in retail. Her experience and knowledge made her qualify and prove wrong to all those well certified management institutions overseas.


Jeff Nystrom (Beer Manager)

Jeff Nystrom graduated high school in 1994 and attended college in Minnesota. Then he started working in construction in 2007, because of family situation he decided to move to Maryland and started working as a Bartender and that is where his love for Craft Beer begin. Attending beer festival caused him to want to explore beer more. Travelling 32 states and 20+ breweries, he learned the processes of beer making and brewery industry. He decided to transition to retail and help making Old Orchard Liquors a Craft Beer Destination.

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